Damage: Magical
Range: Ranged
Next Class Upgrade: Oracle
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Acolytes (also known as Priests in the North American version) have gained a whole new level of knowledge by combining what they’ve learned from their studies with what they have learned from the battlefield. In pursuit of a higher understanding, Acolyte participate in more battles to develop their sorcery skills. As the only class with resurrection and healing abilities, they are a highly valued member of any party. Acolyte evolve to Oracle upon reaching level 40.



Acolytes are the magicians who chose to devote themselves to study by books and in the battlefield in a combination which enables them to use new levels of healing and support spells.

Class Type

Acolytes are the support class. With Barbarian and Witch's Curse they can immobilize enemies, and Instant Heal and Sanctuary make sure your allies never go down. Incase they do, Acolytes are the only class which have the Resurrection skill.
At level 40, Acolytes can be promoted to:

Oracle, for even better supportive skills

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

Acolytes only use priest weps for their combat.

Intelligence is a major stat that players should attempt to gear for, since it allows for more mana and Magic Attack Power .


For more detail, see Acolyte skills.
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