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Archers are ranged attackers that fight by attacking the enemy from afar.

Their primary stats are Agility, and Health.



Long-range projectile weapons require lengthy loading times and are often thought to be the most unwieldy and complicated weapon to be proficient at. Among all the long range weapons, the bow is especially notorious for being the hardest one to control.

Archers are those who have gone through the struggles and emerged as true conquerors of the bow. It is even more incredible to see that Archers are not only efficient in long range battle but also semi-efficient in close range.

They are very proficient at swift hit-and-run tactics. They tackle the enemy with guerrilla tactics and buy allies much-needed time in tight situations.

As Elga's dark force spreads slowly across the continent, the Archers have picked up their bows to join the war, lending invaluable strength to the small but indomitable forces standing between the Lord of Darkness and freedom.

Class Type

Archers are for those who enjoy creating easy, long, air-borne combos. Seemingly weak in simple damage, they make up for it with insanely fast attacks; the player should be capable of "jack-hammering" a button in order to keep enemies up in the air. They are suitable for those who enjoy mild capabilities in solo play, but support roles in group action. As an Archer you serve primarily to add to the team's damage per second (DPS), to help launch enemies into the air, and to take out mobs with Anti-air Shot.

At level 20, Archers can be promoted to:

  • Hunters, who're skills-heavy children-of-nature with "summoning" skill attacks. They use longbows, which have low damage but high speed.
  • Rangers, higher base damage, but lesser skills. Includes Rocket Launchers, Tanks, and Machine Guns in their artillery. They wield crossbows, which have high damage and low speed.
  • Gun Slingers, nobody is sure that this class exsist or others until will get some detail there is no such thing as gun slingers,bards,doctors ex

Archer Class

Class advancement

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

Archers can only use bows. Their gear is usually well-balanced.

Agility is a major stat that players should attempt to gear for, since it allows for more thorough combos with higher accuracy and attack rate.


For more detail, see Archer skills.

Archer skills generally focus on sending the enemy into the air and control. Their primary damage multiplier is ATK.