There are 4 different classes, Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Thief. At level 20, you will be able to accept your job advancement quest line. It is reccomended that you do some research on your job advancements before choosing.

First, you will have to choose from your available job advancement classes* you must go around Bearded Whale Coast and kill any enemies there until you have 20 Class Emblems. Next, you must defeat Captain Hookah on 2 Star (F2) difficulty. Finally, Defeat Hookah on 4 Star (F4) difficulty.**

  • Warriors can become Knights or Gladiators. Knights use 1 Handed Swords and shields while Gladiators use 2 Handed Swords (Gladiators are the only class who can't equip a weapon and a shield slot type item).
  • Magicians can become Acolytes or Battlemages. Acolytes use Staves and Battlemages use Polearms.
  • Archers can become Hunters or Rangers. Hunters use Bows while Rangers use Crossbows.
  • Thieves can become Jesters or Assassins. Jesters use Claws and Assassins use Katars.

Once you advance to the next class, you cannot return to the previous class. (i.e, A jester cannot turn back into a thief) You can however, continue to spend points on thief skills.

At Level 40, you will be able to advance your job again.

  • Warrior:

Knights become Paladins. Gladiators become Myrmidons.

  • Magicians:

Acolytes become Oracles. Battlemages become Warmages.

  • Archers:

Hunters become Trappers. Rangers become Snipers.

  • Thieves:

Jesters become Harlequins. Assassins become Ninjas.

In the upcoming update, Paris Strikes Back, another job advancement quest becomes availible at Level 60. The names may differ in the US version.

  • Warrior: Paladins become Dragoons, Myrmidons become Destroyers.
  • Magician: Oracles becomes Cleric, Warmages become Arcanists.
  • Archer: Trappers become Windrunners, Snipers become Bombardiers
  • Thief: Harlequins become Jokers, Ninjas become Shadows.

  • Choose carefully! Once you choose your class advancement, you will NOT be able to choose again without recreating your character.
    • In a later patch, you will get the job advancement after completing the Hookah F2 quest.