Damage: Physical
Range: Melee
Next Class Upgrade: Myrmidon
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Gladiators are brutal on the battle field; armed with the conviction that strength overcomes all, they have endured hours of torturous physical training to reach their current level. Gladiators are known to dish out huge amounts of damage with massive blows, due mostly to a newfound affinity in wielding two-handed weapons of impressive size. Upon meeting the appropriate job advancement criteria, a gladiator can be promoted to a fearsome Myrmidon at level 40.

Pros/Cons of a Gladiator


  • They have more attack power than a Knight and can take down mobs in a quicker fashion.
  • For those that appreciate good aesthetics, gladiators get sweet armor designs in later levels.
  • Effective normal and air attacks, combos are useful.
  • Passive gladiator skills further increase their deadliness (increased damage and attack speed with two-handed swords, more health and increased HP regen rate).
  • High HP.
  • High defence, but lower than a knight's.


  • Normal Attacks are slow.
  • AoE skills are only found deep in the job skill tree.
  • Lack ranged skills.
  • Low MP.
  • Seemingly get nerfed in every major patch.
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