Damage: Physical
Range: Ranged
Next Class Upgrade: Trapper
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Hunters are physical ranged damage dealers. With their low "damage per hit" and high attack rate, they are easy to combo with. Skills such as Arrow Shower allow them to maximize combo counts while allowing them to have move time to move to another cluster of mobs in order to maximize combos. One could say that their primary role in groups is to keep enemies immobilized, poisoned, in the air. With such abilities like that, they have great synergy with all other classes. In PvP, hunters become more rounded than archers because of the number of AoE and crowd control they possess.

Their primary stats are agility, strength, and ATK.



Longbow-wielding Hunters are "children-of-nature" in tune with its many creatures and powers. They specialize in summoning attacks and control tactics which slow down and trap opponents. Hunters are resourceful ranged warriors proficient in using disruptive skills and crowd control tactics to trap enemies before going in for the kill.

Hunters may be promoted to Trappers at Lvl 40.

Class Type

Hunters are the crowd control class of the game. With Sharpshooting and NetBind they can immobilize enemies while Bleed and Acid Arrow Poison them. They also have Bird Watching which increases Attack, Strength and Agility. They have 2 aoes which attack a number of times plus a summon, Wolf Rush ,that does aoe damage also. At level 40, Hunters can be promoted to:

  • Trappers, who're skills-heavy children-of-nature with even more crowd control "Trapping" skills. They use longbows.

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

Hunter's can only use longbows. Their gear is usually well-balanced.

Agility is a major stat that players should attempt to gear for, since it allows for more thorough combos with higher accuracy and attack rate.


For more detail, see Hunter Skills.

Hunter skills generally focus on Immobilizing the enemy into the air or ground and control. Their primary damage multiplier is ATK.