Damage: Physical
Range: Melee
Next Class Upgrade: Paladin
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Knights gain their advantage through their skillfull training and well rounded defensive abilities. A Knight's use and understanding of their training allows them to take more damage than anyone else on the battlefield whilst dishing out a range of punishing attacks on their foes. Upon reaching level 40 and after defeating Lavalon, a Knight is promoted to a Paladin.

In battle, Knights take advantage of their high HP and defense to survive on the battlefield without the help of potions or healers, their lack of DPS skills makes them suitable for the job of cleaner on mission maps, taking care of mobs left behind by the AoEer so the party does not get delayed. In boss rooms their best job is to kill the mini-boss, be the tanker, distracting the main boss while party members attack or just stand there in front of the boss and do spear jab.

Generally, Knights prove to be among the best classes at Solo-play PvE, Since in PvE it's much easier to land a successful Spear jab and Shoulder tackle-Storm blade combo, Making them deal massive damage while still being able to tank hits better than any other class.

In PvP, Knights can shine thanks to 2 specials skills, Revenge and Impervion, Skills which allow the knight to survive a long time in PvP returning damage and avoiding knockdowns. A Knight is still a good PvP Class, thanks to skills such as: Sword Dance, Storm Blade, SPEAR JAB, and Aeriel Smack down.


  • High defence
  • Excellent solo leveling capabilities
  • High hp
  • Recommended class for beginners.
  • Decent damage due to the skill "Spear Jab"
  • Faster normal attack than gladiator
  • All of his damaging abilities have CC effects on them.


  • Lower damage than gladiator
  • Low mp
  • Hard to land their skills in PvP