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Magicians, also referred to as mages, are the Spellcasters of Dragonica that specialize in burst damage and Area of Effect spells. Their primary role is damage dealing. In PvP combat, magicians deal large amounts of damage in order to prevent getting hit. Their low health makes them an easy target for other classes.


Their primary stats are intelligence, ATK, and MATK.



It is a lonely and difficult path that Magicians follow, often putting up with isolation to study sorcery.

Magicians love magic even more than anything. Thus, they endure all the hardships they encounter in the magic tower. Even though they are only apprentice magicians, they are more wise and reasonable than anyone in the real world. They have entered the magic tower to study sorcery to establish a new principle of sorcery. However, the crisis that has come to their continent did not let them to focus on their study. They have realized that to finish their study, they must drive away the crisis of the world. They did not hesitate to barge into the war knowing that there is solid difference between learning from study and learning from the battle.

Class Type

Like the typical mage class of any RPG, a magician is best for "nuker gamers." Their high damage output makes up for their lack of health and physical defense. A popularly-picked character, their role in parties is to bring down the enemy fast and hard. They have a number of AoE spells that can deal damage to a large number of enemies all at once. With additional long range spells that can deal a fairly excessive amount of damage when used appropriately. Also, as the only class with access to healing skills, they are liked in a party and are very versatile.

Upon reaching a minimal level of 20, Magicians can become:

  • Acolyte: Well-rounded range of spells that focus mainly on healing. They continue using staves. High DPS which makes them great for killing bosses.
  • Battle Mage: Specialized assault sorcerer with high DPS and nice AoE skills. They wield spears with mild melee capabilities.

Mage Class

Class advancement

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

Magicians can only use staves. Their gear generally has lower defense when compared to other classes, but their weapons have higher attack.

Intelligence is a major stat that players should attempt to gear for, since MP is required for all spells. It helps with mana regeneration and MATK as well.