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A mob (short for mobile or mobile object) is a non-player entity whose primary purpose is to be killed for experience, quest objective, or loot.

The gaming term "mob" is not to be confused with its usual meanings in the English language, i.e. a large disorderly crowd or an organized gang of criminals.

Mobs are also known as bad guys, beasts, enemies, monsters, non-player attackers, and opponents.


The term was originally used in Multi User Dungeons (MUDs) the text-based precursors to MMORPGs. In-game objects were defined either as stationary items - "objects" (ranging from fountains to wearable equipment that you could pick up) or "mobs" (this included any NPC, be that aggressive monster or friendly shopkeeper, even if they weren't actually moving around due to STAY_ROOM or similar flags in their properties).

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