Damage: Physical
Range: Physical
Next Class Upgrade: Shadow
Ninja Skills
Ninja Equipments
Ninja Quest
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The Ninja class is obtained as a level 40 Assassin; talking to Pablo in Libra allows this progression.

Ninjas learn a myriad of skills that let them either come into hand-to-hand combat or attack from afar.

Their major skills include transforming into a Ninja while attacking multiple monsters; in this state they do not use their ordinary skills, but instead use specific ninja-skills that can be leveled up later on through advancing in levels.

There are other skills like throwing shuriken, rolling a spiked log which will hit all enemies in front of the user, and a quick-attack which instantly does 600% of attack damage when it's maxed.

Ninja's are often used as Cleaners or Boss Killers, with a Paladin in Party. They mostly aim for: Crit Dmg, Crit Rate, Acc, Dodge, AGI and Health.

They're one of the best PvP Classes, together with Paladins. Ninjas are also good in Emporia, with their Logs and Dagger Spam.

Altough there is a bug which makes ninjas appear to other users with claws, but they are with katars.