The accepted proposal, written before beginning the project, that outlined what I would do and how.

Proposed Action: Make a video


I plan to create a video on one of my hobbies and interests, competitive Brawl, better known as the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB). The video will detail basics such as controls and terms, as well as more advanced techniques; possibly another video on a specific character’s techniques. The video will most likely be made using my own footage via a capture card and will most likely be edited using Sony Vegas, which I will learn how to use.


One of my most prominent “weaknesses” is focus, especially when applied to long-term projects and ideas. I could never stay concentrated enough to go back each time to the project and continue. If I ever did continue, the delay would have been much too long and I had either already forgotten everything relating to the project or had totally lost interest.

Have Lack
Computer w/ Sony Vegas Pro Capture Card
TV + Wii w/ SSBB

I have always been interested in making videos and digital editing, but never got around to sitting myself down to devote time and learn how. Some of the ideas I came up with for my lack of focus included learning a language, a skill, such as cooking or sewing, or an activity, like running. In the end, I chose to make a video because it had already been an interest. As a plus, I could incorporate one of my more favorite activities, gaming, or more specifically, Brawl.


I first plan to learn how to work a capture card in order to obtain footage as well as the basics of video editing using Sony Vegas; this will take an estimate of ten days, assuming I spend at least an hour or two each day. Following that will be the actual taking of footage. This would most likely take at least one week, and at most, two, if I devote an hour per day. Then there is the actual editing; I will spend all of the remaining time making the actual video and learning more about editing. I plan to spend, at the very least, an hour a day for, as a very brief estimate, three to four weeks, on the editing


I’ll probably discover numerous difficulties in getting the capture card to work correctly, but aside from that, it’s more of just learning and correctly applying video editing techniques.


  1. To actually complete a long-term project and discover whether or not they are actually enjoyable.
  2. To learn how to edit and create videos


I believe that this project will encourage me to take on other long-term projects for my own self-interest, such as learning a language or skill. If anything, it will help me better appreciate those who do.