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Damage: Physical
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Next Class Upgrade: Jester/Assassin/Bard
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Thieves are Dragonica's premiere melee damage dealer. They have access to a wide range of special skills, allowing them, almost like a Magician, to deal massive amounts of burst damage. Unlike other classes, such as the Archers, who have the ability to deal physical damage from a distance, Thieves must be in close. This often subjects them to tank-like damage reception due to their dangerous threat level if left alone. Their skills are unique, such as their ability to stealth, via skills like Burrow, preventing other players and enemies from seeing them.

The primary Thief stats are agility, strength, and ATK.




Thief Skill Tree

Thieves, lovers of the maverick lifestyle so disliked by the noble and righteous warriors and magicians, used to wander the dark alleys of cities and their slums, thoroughly enjoying what they did. They and their large city network are a hotbed for information… at a price, that is. So used to ambush and subterfuge, many in their ranks have almost literally never fought in a straight and “honorable” battle. Equipped with strong strength and speed, they make up a special force unmatched in urban guerilla warfare.

With the breath of Elga’s invasion wafting down their necks, even the thieves couldn’t bear to turn a blind eye on the plight of others. Reluctant but resolute, the once invisible Thief Guilds came forth as one to tip the scales in favor of the very society they used to surreptitiously work against.

Class Type

Thieves are for those who enjoy to sneak up on their enemies and dish out large amounts of damage in a short amount of time. They're suitable for players with decent reflexes and the ability to time and predict where their opponent will go. They're more fragile than warriors, but they rely on their evasion skills, as opposed to defense.

Class advancement

Thieves may choose one of two paths upon reaching Level 20:

  • Jesters, who use attacks which are flashier visually, adopt a more direct style of combat with high Area of Effect. They hold upgraded claws.
  • Assassins, who are contrastingly low-key, specialized in battle and are the only class that can Burrow and attack at the same time. They utilize katar blades.

Weapons, Gear, and Armor

Thieves can use claws and katar blades. Their gear generally has lower defense when compared to other classes, but their weapons have higher attack.

Agility is a major stat that players should attempt to gear for, since it helps them in their bust damage capabilities with increased critical rate and accuracy.


For more detail, see Thief Skills.

Thief skills generally focus on quick damage. Their primary damage multiplier is ATK.