Create traps and summons Eagles to throw bombs.
Can even suicide bomb to deal huge damage.

There are actually 2 routes a trapper could choose:

1: Traps
2: Falcons

Trap Trappers usually focus on using traps to Freeze or Silence the enemy.
Some others focused on the skill "Untouchable"

The skill Untouchable is used to deal huge amount of damage but there is a casting time of 10 seconds, though you could walk around at that time.
Afterwards, the health and mana will be reduced to 1, which you will need to spam potions to retain your health before you get killed.

Eagle Trappers are trappers that focus on summoning eagles which will deal AOE damage to the surroundings.
It also focus on passive skills like "Pierce" and "Aim", which is used to increase accuracy and percentage to make critical hits.

Eagle skills normally are used to wipe out the front row, same as the Hunter skill, "Wolf Rush". And also having the "Falcon Mastery", which increases the power of the Eagle skills.
With considerable damage, Eagles are of a better choice.

This is edited by Jimmy Huang, to give at least a small info of Trapper.